Tuesday , March 28 2023

Volleyball tourney garners good cheer

The Daily Herald writes that Saba All Stars won the Caribbean Netherlands Government Service (RCN) friendly volleyball tournament to nurture cordiality among civil servants working at various governing levels on the island August 16 to 18.

Members of the Executive and Island Council played together as the “Saba Island Government Smashers” while the RCN civil servants played as the “RCN Strikers.” The other two teams were made up of the youth of the “Saba Comprehensive School” (SCS) and the “Saba All Stars” who brought together Saban volleyball veterans.

Primary school Teacher Jarmila and secondary school coach Derek Spence organized the Saban youth team while the latter also played in the “All Stars” team. The teams met in the evenings at the newly renovated Peter L. Granger Auditorium in St. Johns. In the first “Round Robin” (all-play-all) games on Friday, the Saba Island Government Smashers lost 0-3 to Saba All Stars. The RCN Strikers lost 2-3 to the SCS youth. The SCS also won 3-0 against the Government Smashers.

On Saturday, the All Stars beat the RCN Strikers 3 to 1, the SCS bead All Stars 3 to 2 and the Government Smashers lost to the RCN Strikers 1 to 3. This placed SCS as the top team followed by the All Stars, the RCN Strikers and the Government Smashers on the last place. In Saturday’s Elimination round the SCS played against the Government Smashers and the All Stars against the RCN Strikers with the winners advancing to the finals. On Sunday, the Government Smashers succeeded to beat the SCS 2 to 1 in the semi-final, while the All Stars won against the RCN Strikers 2 to 0.

In the final game the Saba All Stars beat the Government Smashers 2 to 0 crowning the All Stars veterans as Saba’s volleyball champions.

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