Tuesday , March 28 2023

Executive Council gives answers to a number of questions

Central Committee Chairman Rolando Wilson (Windward Islands People’s Movement, WIPM) released received written responses from the Executive Council to questions he initially posed June 22. This was reported by The Daily Herald.
– The drinking-water study determined a need for two water plants to be located at the harbour and airport, as well as the need for larger public cisterns.
– The inquiry into the sale of government land in the proximity of the former Captain’s Quarter resort received in response that value appraisals are ongoing and that Carla Nardi remains an interested party in the purchase.
– “Throughout its tenure, the Executive Council has maintained an open-door policy when approached by foreign investors, such as Saba University School of Medicine, Haiku House Group and the Nardi family,” the Executive Council said in responding to the question on foreign investment projects.

– It was confirmed that the tenure of Saba’s representative on the Supervisory Board of Kadaster St. Maarten had expired and that the Executive Council is in the “process of obtaining all the necessary information from the Kadaster in order to move ahead with the appointment of a new representative.”
– In an update on the status of the application for the 10th European Development Fund it was stated that related financing agreements have been delayed “due to ongoing discussions with the government of The Netherlands on a needed change of the implementation modality. A new proposal from the Dutch government is pending,” Commissioners Bruce Zagers and Chris Johnson stated.
– Payment of vehicle road tax for 2013 was due by July 15. A total of 953 persons had paid these taxes, with 111 still pending. The Tax Office will continue to collect payment and update the Island Receiver.

A number of questions still remained unanswered, as the Executive Council had forwarded these to experts within local government, as well as within (Caribbean) Netherlands government departments.
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