Friday , March 1 2024

“Remigration has to be stimulated”

Bonaire’s youngsters that are in The Netherlands to study should be stimulated to return and work on the local labour market as has been written in The Daily Herald. “They want to come back, but don’t feel welcome,” foundation “Ban Boneiru Bèk” (Let’s Go Back to Bonaire) toldBelkis Osepa of Caribisch Netwerk. Ban Boneiru Bèk (BBB) pleads for a better collaboration on this matter with the local as well as national governments and the Education Council ROA of the Caribbean Netherlands (CN). “We need to develop a clear vision to get the youngsters back to the island,” said Celia Fernandes Pedra of BBB. “We need our children. They can help this island. Bonaire’s youngsters are therefore to be given priority on the labour market.” Fernandes Pedra thinks they should be stimulated from the moment they begin their study. This year BBB will organize a studyand job fair for the tenth time. “We must consider the studies needed on the BES-islands. If the students follow these studies we must help them for example with a job and acquit part of their study debt. Believe me, they will then return for sure.”

A research report on the labour market on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius by bureau Ecorys Netherlands was published late May. The recommendations also indicate that collaboration between all partners on the labour market is important, especially regarding migration between the three islands and remigration from the European part of The Netherlands. Ecorys suggests developing and implementing a coherent migration policy.

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