Sunday , October 1 2023

Plasterk did nothing with advice to replace Stolte on Bonaire.

In the The NRC  from August 31, 2013 can be read that  Minister Plasterk from Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations has not acted upon an advice in January, to replace the Kingdom Representative on Bonaire.
The Minister received the advice from Ronald Bandell, former mayor of Dordrecht. Bandell, on the request of Plasterk, had looked for a solution for the administrative crisis on the island.
After questions from NRC Handelsblad to Interior Affairs, Plasterk informed this week the Second Chamber that he summoned the Kingdom Representative. Stolte had to report himself yesterday for talks about the administrative developments. No statements are made about the contents of the deliberations.
Stolte should have close ties with politicians who possibly were corrupt.
The administrative crisis in the special municipality of Holland originated after the appointment of Stolte in May 2011. The Kindom Representative is, apart from the governing Union Patriotiko Boneriano (UPB), supported by few parties. He is at variance with part of the Island Council, the Island Governor, assisting Dutch civil servants and the prosecutors office.

Stolte (CDA) is blamed to have too close ties with UPB politicians, a sister party of the CDA, who are suspected of corruption. Before his appointment as Kingdom Representative, Stolte was the advisor of UPB administrators which are now suspected of corruption, forgery, swindling and launder.

Research of NRC shows that Stolte, as Kindom Representative, has tried to meddle with criminal investigations against UPB administrators. In one of those cases he requested the attorney-general Dick Piar, to drop a criminal case against UPB commissioner Burney El Hage.

In a different case he demanded confidential documents from Governor Lydia Emerencia, from a criminal case against UPB-commissioner James Kroon. Piar and Emerencia reported the way of acting of Stolte to Ministers Plasterk and Opstelten of Safety and Justice.

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