Friday , March 24 2023


NTR Caribisch netwerk writes: “Trust in the independence of the Kingdom Representative is important. Eventually it matters that the administrative system functions.” That said Minister Ronald Plasterk of Kindom Relations during the question time in the Second Chamber, today. The Minister investigates the functioning of Kingdom Representative Wilbert Stolte because of the signals that Stolte does not enjoy a lot of confidence on the BES islands.

Plasterk is summoned to the question time by member of parliament Wassila Hachchi (D66). She wants to know why the Minister, in spite of multiple doubts about the functioning of Stolte, did not take any action. The Minister does not want to answer on that question, because the talks with Stolte are still ongoing. He promised to inform the Second Chamber as soon as possible. He did acknowledge that the recent reports give cause for talking to Stolte again.

The destiny of Stolte is now in the hands of Plasterk. The Minister states that he himself is responsible for any decision about Stolte’s functioning, because he (Stolte) is a governor (?) and not a civil servant and also ‘does not need the trust of a representative body of the people’. Plasterk names the administrative situation on Bonaire ‘complex’ and does not want to make a too hasty decision because of the ‘culture on the island to accuse opponents for acting incorrect’.

Until now Plasterk did not take action in spite of previous doubts about Stolte by the Island Governor of Bonaire, the attorney general and his own scout, Ronald Bandell. Apart from that Plasterk denies that Bandell gave him the recommendation to replace Stolte, as NRC disclosed: “He did not give me a recommendation but he informed me about the situation he found.”

About the roll Stolte had as former treasurer of subsidizer SONA (Stichting Ontwikkelingsgeld Nederlandse Antillen), Plasterk does not want to talk about. “My predecessor Donner decided about this and he did not see any obstacle to appoint Stolte as Kingdom Representative.”

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