Friday , March 24 2023

Electricity and drinking water law

Sttia news published the following comment.

I read the draft electricity and drinking water law, which has been revised on the RCN website. I have a comment.
The law provides favorable treatment of small consumers who want to install solar panels, which is a good thing. But unfortunately it defines a small consumer as one who has 3-phase, 36 amp service. Hardly anyone here on Statia has 3-phase, 240 volt service.
Most of us have split-phase 120/240volt service. The equivalent current for split-phase 120/240 volt service is 108 amps. The law should define a small consumer as someone with “3-phase 36 amp 240 volt service, or split phase 108 amp 120/240 volt service or less.”
This technical change preserves the intent of the law, which is to encourage small consumers to install solar panels to reduce their electric bills.
I won’t be at the meeting but I encourage anyone attending to mention this to the RCN.
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