Sunday , March 26 2023

Sacred Heart School announced afterschool reading Programme

The Daily Herald reports that the Sacred Heart primary school teacher Helen Hassell announced the introduction of the afterschool reading programme “Turn the Page” for children grades 1-6. Interest in participation will be gouged through a first meeting to be held with the collaboration of local organizations, at Eugenius Johnson Centre in Windwardside on Saturday, September 14, at 11:00am. The hostess of Brigadoon Restaurant in Windwardside recently published children’s book Sandaleena- The Queen Snail of Saba and Friends, which raised interest within Sacred Heart School and Hassell invited the author to read it to pupils. With permission from Principal Diane Wilson, Chammaa toured the school and read the story in each of the classrooms. Children asked questions about the story’s characters, some of whom bear the names of Saba community members. Elated with her audience, Chammaa asked the children if they would like to help write such stories or help illustrate her books. This triggered a lot of excitement, said Chammaa. “All of them wanted to coauthor books,” she said. Chammaa is considering having children do just that and have their photos on a future book cover as a fundraiser for youth reading and writing programmes. The writer is keen to support Hassell’s latest initiative and was impressed with the teacher’s dedication in bringing special materials from the United States and with her intention to assess each child to help them develop reading skills.

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