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Rijksvertegenwoordiger Wilbert Stolte resigned after problems on Bonaire

Wilbert Stolte resigned as State Representative on the Dutch islands of Bonaire , Saba and St. Eustatius . May next year, he explains his position .
That  this morning reported  Minister Plasterk of the Interior and Kingdom Relations ( PvdA ) to the Second Chamber by letter. 
The position of the CDA Stolte was under pressure for months for his role in the administrative problems on Bonaire . He is at odds with part of the Island , the lieutenant governor , broadcast Dutch officials and the Public Prosecutor. Stolte is alleged to have too close ties with politicians accused of corruption of the ruling UPB .
This week also became known that OLAF , the European Anti – Fraud Office , is investigating possible malpractice with development funds by the foundation SONA at the time Stolte was treasurer there .
Plasterk has written in his letter about the problems . He writes that Stolte now has been in function for almost three years , and that he himself ” considers “a longer period as Rijksvertegenwoordiger too long”.
Plasterk :
” I have taken acquaintance of his decision taken with respect and appreciate his continued involvement . ”
Recently reported that NRC Handelsblad that  Plasterk had heard in already January that Stolte should better leave as State Representative. That advice came from Ronald Tyrell, former mayor of Dordrecht. He had – as  commissioned by Plasterk ‘explorer’ – sought a solution for the management crisis on the island.
Stolte was urgently summoned early this month in The Hague after reports that he had tried as State Representative to interfere with criminal investigations against UPB directors . In one case he asked Attorney General Dick Piar to drop  criminal proceedings against a UPB-deputy UPB.
In another case, he demanded from Governor Lydia Emerencia confidential documents from a criminal case against another UPB -deputy. Piar and Emerencia reported the conduct of Stolte to the Ministers and Plasterk and Opstelten of Security and Justice.

Mr. Wilbert Stolte
Mr. Wilbert Stolte
EC stops funding through SONA
Stolte intends to resign on May 1, 2014

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  1. René Caderius van Veen

    No misunderstanding: this was just a “diplomatic way” of dismissing him. Of course he has been urged to resign, otherwise ……