Friday , March 24 2023

Exit of Stolte leads to mixed reactions

The Daily Herald reports that the government of Bonaire is not thrilled about the announcement that national government representative for the Caribbean Netherlands Wilbert Stolte is leaving per May 1, 2014, but extra-parliamentary party PHU is. The public body does welcome an evaluation of the national coordination for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, as well as The Hague. The Executive Council thinks this will lead to more effective cooperation between the two levels of government and wants to be involved in the process. The commissioners see Stolte as someone who has a lot of understanding for locals and an eye for the differences with the European part of the Netherlands. They respect his decision to seek another challenge after three years in a difficult administrative position. The Executive Council is also grateful that he was willing to stay until the evaluation announced by Dutch Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Roland Plasterk is completed.

PHU, which lost its seat in the Island Council when member Rafael Santana went independent to form the UPB-led coalition, is happy. Party chairman Michel Bijkerk said it was time for a fresh start with “less controversial administrators.” “Many will figuratively raise the flag when he departs. Only his friends from UPB will cry now that their advisor and political supporter must make room,” said Bijkerk.

He added that the hypocrisy displayed by Plasterk in this case “hurts one’s eyes” and once again shows “how friends from The Hague get along.” He called the argument that Stolte is staying on during the evaluation to ensure administrative continuity “laughable.”

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