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More companies could become recognised as vocational training locations

The Daily Herald writes about the accreditations by the Dutch Caribbean Council for Education and Labour Market ROA-CN ROA and about the backgrounds of the ROA. Management of the ROA-CN recognised six businesses on Saba with accreditation plaques and diplomas on Thursday, September 19. Shearwater Hotel, Queen’s Gardens Resort, Eden Restaurant, Bizzy B Bakery, Laura Lindsey day care centre and Child Focus Foundation are accredited as training entities preparing local interns for the demands of the local labour market.
This programme is to bridge the gap between the needs of the labour market and the skills of youth seeking to enter it. It streamlines an inflow of properly qualified personnel difficult to attract and retain on a small island. ROA-CN is the regional entity advising the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on the development of vocation training in the Caribbean Netherlands. ROA-CN, which operates under the direction of Elyana Paul since September 2012, obtained the authority to issue accreditation since June 1. Companies recognised by ROA-CN as vocational education training establishments were initially accredited through centres of excellence in the Netherlands. In 2011, when project leader Beatrijs Keijser established the programme on Saba, companies training students in hospitality were recognised by Kenwerk, and those in welfare by Calibris. Keijser’s work was furthered by Micheline Hinse, who acted as trainer and advisor for participating Saba companies. She left the position mid-2013, and Director Paul together with Saba representatives on the ROA-CN board Gied Mommers and Bettina Schroeter, are finalising the recruitment process for a new project trainer.
Several local entities such as the Old Age Home and telecommunication company Satel N.V., as well as several non-profit organisations have already expressed interest in entering the programme once the vacant trainer position is filled. Additional local business recognitions are expected in November and December. ROA-CN is now the only recognised institution in the Caribbean Netherlands to accredit local entities for vocational studies and practical training. It is the only regional entity tasked to develop and monitor the qualification skills to be implemented in the jobsite so as to ensure that interning students experience a smooth transition into the local labour market. It is also the only entity tasked to train job trainers. Some 17 new job-trainers have been added on Saba and the technical maintenance assistance and hospitality programmes have been approved by the ministry. Paul noted that due to Saba’s small business environment, she understands the personnel and timecommitment limitations of local institutions. She said that ROA-CN is flexible, seeking to minimise the job trainer workshops to less than two days. Instead of supervisors taking time off from their business, the ROA representative is willing to come to the business and work with them on site for the specific hands-on guidance.
Local businesses that wish to sign-up for the programme are encouraged to apply at The Website features all recognized businesses. By December, the Website will provide information on what exactly each business is recognised for so as to allow students to identify what precisely they will learn during their internship.

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