Tuesday , February 27 2024

Akilah Levenstone formally appointed as Island Registrar

Akilah Levenstone received the formal endorsement and appointment as Island Registrar of the Public Entity Saba. Chairman of the Central Committee and fraction leader of the governing Windward Islands People’s Movement (WIPM) Rolando Wilson said the Presidium of the Public Entity Saba, comprising Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, opposition leader Ishmael Levenston and Wilson met on Tuesday. During the meeting, Governor Johnson said he had received a letter, dated October 2, from the National Government Representative Wilbert Stolte endorsing the Island Council’s decision of October 24, 2012, to appoint Akilah Levenstone as Island Registrar. The appointment was approved in accordance with Article 204 of the WolBES. As a precondition from the National Government Representative, Levenstone had been temporarily appointed as Acting Island Registrar. “Since then she successfully completed her job integration programme and also received a positive evaluation from the Presidium, hence the approval by Mr. Stolte, the Kingdom Representative,” Wilson stated in a press release. Wilson expressed his pride in having “another young Saban person willing to go that extra mile for the island. Every Saban should continue to do their utmost when serving their island.”


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