Monday , March 20 2023

Chippie drops rates for customers when travelling abroad

In the Daily Herald was written that in its efforts to improve customers’ experience using Chippie mobile service, UTS has made a number of changes to benefit Chippie post-paid customers when travelling abroad. Post-paid customers can continue to use Chippie service on the network of another mobile provider when travelling, which is called roaming. UTS has negotiated considerably lower roaming rates with roaming partners and is passing these savings on to its post-paid customers travelling abroad with their Chippie service. To further assist customers in monitoring roaming charges while travelling,

UTS also implemented an SMS notification system for St. Maarten Chippie customers in September. This service now has been expanded to serve Chippie customers of Saba and St. Eustatius. Customers automatically will receive a free SMS notification when roaming, another when roaming charges exceed NAf. 250 and subsequent messages for every NAf. 250 of additional charges thereafter. This means they will be notified with regard to the charges they incur with their mobile phone while travelling abroad.

Chippie customers also can do their part to avoid incurring unnecessary roaming charges. Receiving and listening to voicemail messages or having data services running in the background while the device is idle also incur roaming charges. UTS therefore recommends deactivating data roaming and deactivating the “forward call” setting on the device to avoid being charged for usage abroad. For additional information on the newly adjusted roaming rates, Chippie post-paid customers may contact UTS at +1-721-542-0101.

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