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Winners CN Expo are known

The unique CN photo contest, ‘This is the place’, recently ended with brilliant results. Citizens of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, young and old, uploaded beautiful photos of their own island to the CN photo contest’s Facebook page, competing to win one of the 29 prizes in different categories. These entries were evaluated by a professional and independent jury, which assessed the entries based on composition, lighting, originality and expressiveness. Of course they also took into account the different categories that were defined at the beginning of the photography contest on September 2nd, 2013.

Winners CN expo
Winners CN expo

Statistics from Facebook showed that there was a lot of interest in the CN photo contest. For example, it appears that during the contest, the Facebook page received an average of 25 fans per day! The contest’s webpage received more than 9,800 unique visitors and the shared photo links were clicked on more than 19,500 times. Of the nearly 1,300 Facebook fans, 63% were female and 37% male. Of the people who participated in the contest, also 63% were female and 37% male. People reacted enthusiastically to the submitted photos, as a total of no less than 9,000 votes were cast!

We gladly announce the winners of the photography contest below. Their photos will shine in the ‘CN Expo’ which will open on all three islands beginning November 16th. This opening will also have a special royal reception. The exhibition will in fact be opened personally by King Willem-Alexander, accompanied by Queen Máxima, on Bonaire in a surprising and unique manner that will allow the opening to be seen simultaneously on all three islands.

The submitted photos were divided based on three age categories; youth up to 12 years old, young adults from 13 to 21 years old and adults older than 21. The technical capabilities of the cameras used were also taken into account. The photos were taken either with a mobile device (cell phone), a compact camera or a (semi) professional camera. Not every category had enough entries. In the age groups up to 21 years old, there were insufficient entries in the (semi) professional camera category. To reward the best participants, it was decided to give these individuals a photo printed on canvas and a Lytro camera.

In addition, two extra categories were added: ‘Originality’ and ‘eXpressivity’. The contest organizers believe it is important to provide a place in the exhibition for particularly original photos or photos with a significant appeal. There is a winner from each island in both categories. These are: Keval Bissessar, Alessandro Guido, Hannah Madden and Hanneke Magee Quist, Angela van der Heijde, Ellen Richardson.

The winning photos will be printed on canvas and will be included in ‘The CN Expo’. They will be on display beginning November 16th on Bonaire (Jong Bonaire), Sint Eustatius (G.J. B. Public Library Statia) and Saba (the Eugene Johnson Centre).

The winner of the ‘Most popular photo’, that is the photo that received the most votes on Facebook, is Justino Bravo and the ‘Best of the best’ photo, deemed by the jury to be the most outstanding, was taken by Genevieve Aitatus. Besides a Lytro camera, both winners also win a week-long vacation on one of the three Caribbean Netherlands islands: Bonaire, Sint Eustatius or Saba.

The other winners from Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba are respectively: Tyrii Figaroa (12), Annabelle van Dam (8), Aymee Ayubi (15) Xiomantha Janga (15), Christie Dovale (56), Peter de Graaf (43), Genevieve Aitatus (33), Jurgen Leon (6), Makeda Taylor (7), Earduchen Woodley (17), Twiixii Rojas (17), Frini Spanner (55), Maaike Patrick (48), Cheriette van der Lugt (39), Denicio Levenstone (7), Olivia Simone Ann Johnson (10), Frankelly Wilson (16), Esmeralda Johnson (16), Jasper Oei (36), Hemmie van Xanten (52), and Martijn Schuuring (34).

The modern Lytro cameras were won by: Christie Dovale, Xiomantha Janga, Earduchen Woodley, Makeda Taylor, Cheriette van der Lugt, Jasper Oei, Hemmie van Xanten, and Martijn Schuuring.

The organizers of the CN Expo thank all participants for sharing the unique and special places and people and the magnificence of their island, with their fellow residents of the Caribbean Netherlands. By sharing what each one holds dear to their heart, the ‘Dare to Share’ campaign was infinitely successful. The exhibition will give visitors and above all, the new royal couple, a special look at the unique and colorful living environment of the residents of the Caribbean Netherlands.

Press release RCN, October 29, 2013

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