Tuesday , February 27 2024

Fireman’s week commenced

The Daily Herald writes that the “Fireman’s Week” celebrations commenced with a blessing of the local fire-fighters at the main fire station, followed by the sounding of the sirens honouring fallen comrades. Saba Fire Department Commandant Julio Every informs that the fire-fighters will hold a reception on Tuesday and series of youth and family-oriented sport events throughout the week. The Fire Department has announced a “Game Day” to be held Wednesday morning for Sacred Heart primary school pupils at the Johan Cruijff Court in The Bottom. There will be a volleyball competition in the evening of the same day at the Peter L. Granger Auditorium in St. John’s, where the department’s team will face other local ones. The week will culminate with a Friday-evening program. There will be a march led by the Saba Boys & Girls Scouts drum band from the Fire Department station in The Bottom to the Sacred Heart Church. A special church service of Thanksgiving will be held for firemen and their families from 7:00pm, followed by an invitation-only gala dinner at the Juliana’s Sports Field at 8:30pm. Official speeches will be held there by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, Local Commander Julio Every and General Commander Jair Tromp.

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