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Giro 555 open for disaster victims Philippines

This is an original message from Cordaid
The Hague, November 11, 2013 – The Cooperating Aid Agencies ( SHO ) open immediately Giro555 for emergency aid to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan . The damage caused is huge and the number of fatalities is estimated at ten thousand . Increasingly attract the disaster relief teams to investigate the needs and provide assistance. The SHO asked the Dutch public for financial support . For both emergency and reconstruction needs lots of money.

The strength of the typhoon and pushing seawater have made ​​great devastation , entire villages have been wiped off the map . The participating organizations of the SHO will focus on both emergency relief and reconstruction. In this area is great need for clean drinking water , food, clothing and temporary shelter . Provision must be made to victims together to catch . The longer -term reconstruction and focus on the damage , shelter , psychosocial support and assistance in the acquisition of income , for example by providing new seed .

Via anyone from today to stay on top of assistance to the victims and of the progress of the national action.

The Foundation Cooperating Aid Agencies ( SHO ) is a partnership of Dutch aid organizations that collectively raises funds to major humanitarian disasters for aid to the victims of that disaster . The SHO consists of CARE Netherlands , Cordaid Mensen in Nood , ICCO & Kerk in Actie , Dutch Red Cross , Oxfam , Save the Children , Refugee Foundation , Terre des Hommes , Netherlands UNICEF and World Vision .

Refugee Foundation is working in the area and does not participate in this action .

“Help disaster victims Philippines ”
Donations can through the donation module on the website
IBAN : NL08INGB0000000555 ( 7×0 ) .

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