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Overview of appointments from the government meeting financial ratios

The Administrative consultation financial ratios BES (hereinafter BofvBES ) on October 31, 2013 , the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations with the directors of public bodies Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba made ​​a number of agreements . These agreements will discuss the minister in the Cabinet .

Government position research task lighting and deregulation Caribbean Netherlands
The government’s position is in the CN- week views with the Executive Councils of Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba . They endorse the conclusions of the examination and the position of the government on the matter. Specifically ask public bodies focus on making priorities in the implementation of new legislation and amendment of legislation . They also ask the government to provide technical assistance for the award of the laws and regulations on the Internet . Finally, they draw attention to the limited legal capacity on the islands . In response, the government legal capacity available to public bodies to give to consolidate their legislative technical assistance. Furthermore, the accessible improve the government for the people of the Caribbean Netherlands , for example by linking with the island government of the site. Finally, legislation and bureaucracy crowds regularly scheduled in the ISC Caribbean Netherlands (called CN- table ) ; herein may also be scheduled by the islands supplied concrete examples .
Whereas :
1. The agreements made in the ” Final Declaration of the Mini Conference on the future political status of Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba ” in October 2006 on the evaluation of the new constitutional structure and gradually replace the ( former) Dutch – Antillean legislation by Dutch law .
2. In the government meeting of January 31, 2008 , The Hague , agreed starting point for the Netherlands government services in the areas of education, health, social security and safety , as well as the subsequent government positions on public bodies at the Chambers of the States General have been sent .
3. The parliamentary commitment that will be the extent to which it is desirable and possible in the Caribbean to voeren1 . (European ) Netherlands Dutch law involved in the evaluation
4. The opinion of the Council of State , in its awareness of September 18, 2006 , on the reform of the political relations of the Antillean islands within the Kingdom2 to the evaluation also take away or “the interests of the
1 Note nav Report , Parliamentary Papers II , 2009-2010 , No. 6, par 4 .
2 Annex II 2006/ 07 , 30 800 IV , No. 3 (information ) and No. 4 (reaction ) .
population in the new relations to ensure adequate and complies ” 3 . cooperation to its purpose
5 . Public bodies are co- principal of the evaluation , the expression of equivalence , as agreed in the political meeting of the CN week in March 2013 .
6. The Minister of the Interior and the public entities underline again the legislative restraint, so that the evaluation is not unnecessarily complicated .
Agreed to :
1. Based on the information of the Council of State , yet to be released will be whether an independent evaluation committee will be set or decided not to. This decision will have made ​​in the first week CN in 2014 by the Executive Councils and the Interior Minister .
2. The directors and the minister have agreed to set up to define the substantive scope of the evaluation . Working group This group will consist of three deputies Constitutional Affairs and island secretaries , the SG Interior or his deputy , as Chairman of the CN- table , the project manager and the secretary of the project Evaluation Caribbean Netherlands . The working group may, if necessary, intensive experimental with experts .
3. The written information of the State Council on the design and the process of political evaluation Caribbean Netherlands , will be in Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba shared and discussed at a date to be appointed and further process in January / February 2014 .
4. The results of the ministerial working groups , the deployment of Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba and informing the Council of State are the basis of the final evaluation mission that will be formulated by the working group .
5 . The evaluation mission will be established. At a time closer to appoint a government meeting between the minister and Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba The evaluation mission will be established by June 2014 and General sent . To both Houses of the States
6. The evaluation will be an objective and factual nature. The evaluation report contains no recommendations .
7. Based on the results of the evaluation , proposals will be made ​​for changes in the overall policy of Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba and where necessary each island separately . Jointly by the islands and Minister of the Interior This will be set out in a government position .
8. The government’s position will be sent General . Together with the evaluation report to both Houses of the States
3 II 2006/ 07 , 30 800 IV , No 3 , page 11 .
development plans
 The government and public bodies for the development plans submitted as a good basis for the further development of the islands .
 Public sector bodies argue that the free allowance is insufficient backlog. Away The public bodies that the choice of the Cabinet for the lower limit of the reference research also means that there are limited resources available for the regular maintenance of capital . The minister points as fund manager in this regard that the BES fund ( as with the municipal ) is that regular maintenance will be committed to the fund , as agreed in 2012 .
 The government notes that there have recently been made ​​for cases in the development plans are mentioned. Available the necessary funds by ministries In the appointment by department , the scope , duration and content of the various means explained . The government argues that the basis of financial ratios is that the public sector bodies to come within their own resources or the free allowance . To good prioritization The government has no room to provide additional resources . It should be noted that compared to the transition government spending to have risen Caribbean Netherlands ( € 300 million in 2014 ) . Sharply
 Public sector bodies and the government consider that it is desirable to examine how to departmental side can strengthen . Coordination and thus government-wide priorities within these budgetary frameworks
 apply for interest-free loans otherwise known budgetary constraints . The government will formally request submitted by the Island for interest-free loans at the Spring 2014 as part of the budget preparation and in the light of government spending in 2014 and subsequent years. For all interest-free loans applies to the condition that the Board should have found that the repayments can be met by the public body . Financial Supervision
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