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Answers from minister Kamp concerning postal services

In a letter to th Second Chamber (Commission Kingdom Relations) minister Kamp gave the following answers.
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Do you know the messages ‘ Bonaire , Sint Eustatius , Saba get a new postbode’ and ‘ BES Mail delivery in consultation with residents and business owners?  Do you remember also your answers to previous questions ?

Could you inform the House as soon as possible about the award process and outcomes ?
With a view to granting a new concession is called a tender disclosed to interested parties liberty to make a tender. The tender on 27 June 2013 published on the website of TenderNed . Pursuant to the tender must be met in the law and in a tender concessions available to certain conditions and obligations . Until 26 August 2013 parties could make a proposal using it at the quote accompanying subscription model . There is received to this date a registration that met the requirements . On 17 October, the company concerned , Flamingo Communications, designated as a concessionaire for the postal services in the Caribbean Netherlands from January 1, 2014 (Official Gazette, 2013 , No. 30604 ) .

What improvements for the citizens of the Caribbean Netherlands will there be now a new business on 1 January 2014, will deliver the post?

Why choosing a company that has no experience with mail delivery?
What guarantees are issued that make it assumed that promises will be kept this time? Which points of the concession conditions differ from the old ?

Reply 3 and 4
Flamingo Communications is a local business on Bonaire Caribbean Netherlands knows well . Based on discussions between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Flamingo has got insight into their business case. On that basis I expect Flamingo Communications will be able to perform postal services under the concession conditions. By accepting the license terms Flamingo Communications has also accepted that these are compulsory. In addition, Flamingo Communications agreements with New Post Netherlands Antilles , the current concessionaire , so that the transfer of the concession can proceed smoothly. With a view to the new concessions a new balance has been made with respect to concession conditions . For the affordability and accessibility of the postal service , both the scale of the postal service as certain characteristics of the service area of interest. The greater the volume of mail and the smaller the distance within the service area, the lower the cost per mail item. In the Caribbean Netherlands , there is a relatively small volume of mail pieces and scattered catchment on one hand, given the distance between Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius on the other hand. In addition , there is increasing declining of volumes due to electronic substitution. Against this background, the conditions of the existing license amended in several respects . The important thing is that the frequency of the collection and delivery of mail was reduced from five days to three days a week. Also in this respect the norm for the maximum delivery time relaxed. These changes contributed to the possibility of a profitable operation of the postal services during the term of the concession without the actual needs of users to lose sight of. For the remainder, the postal largely has the same license conditions as set out in the previous concession.

Why has opted for a ten-year agreement , where a three-year agreement was common before? What tools does the grantor have , if it appears that the company does not comply with the conditions?
The existing concession granted to postal services in 2003 for 20 years. In the constitutional reform , the postal law BES introduced stipulating that existing postal concession expires on 31 December 2012 with the possibility of a one-time extension of up to three years . the current concession was extended by one year , until January 1, 2014 . Furthermore, the Act post BES provides that the postal concession is granted. at least 10 years A period shorter than 10 years is not appealing to a concessionaire , since there is insufficient time to the investment required recoup . During the term, the government has several tools necessary
ensure that the concessionaire complies with the conditions .
The Authority for Consumers and Markets ( ACM ) will ensure that the concessionaire obeys to its obligations. In that context, the ACM may give, if necessary, an indication. When not following the instruction, the ACM can then impose a fine. Finally, the concession may be withdrawn if the concessionaire does not comply with the rules of law or the terms of the concession decision . Withdrawal is a drastic remedy and should therefore be used only in extreme cases.

To what refers to the Director of the new post company when he says that the ‘post concept will be drastically changed and renewed ? Are the other services where he talks about ( printed , online stores and packet transport ) is also part of the agreement?
Flamingo Communications aims to improve the quality of postal services. To this end, in early 2014 there will be looked at how the customers experience the current postal service and which issues will have a priority. On this basis Flamingo Communications will implement improvements . Apart from that, the conditions remain dependant on the law and the concession decision remains applicable of course. Flamingo Communications has as the concession holder the exclusive right to carry letters to 2 kilograms . As stated in the interview , Flamingo Communications is also planning to provide other services, for example in the field of e-commerce . These services are not part of the concession.

What are the reasons for the price increase to 88 cents ? How big is this price increase ? Do you consider this increase acceptable? If so, what will the people of the Caribbean Netherlands get in return?
Flamingo Communications has indicated to consider for a profitable operation of the concession necessary an increase in stamp prices. Flamingo Communications will start a price of $ 0.88 apply from 1 January 2014 on  for local correspondence . The current stamp price in the Caribbean Netherlands is $ 0.66 . I consider this increase is acceptable. In comparison , the regular stamp price in the Netherlands on 1 January 2014 will amount to € 0.64 . As indicated in the answer to question 3 and 4, in addition to declining mail volumes in the Caribbean Netherlands a relatively small volume of mail pieces and scattered catchment is the case.

Please inform the House about the progress around ‘ the intention of the Executive Councils of Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba to establish  street names and house numbers at the administrative level and make these known to residents and owners and to make the public space it visible ‘ ?
Public bodies have started their own process for street names andhouse numbers. Progress is also different from island to island. The islands aim to complete their trajectory in 2014.  On Saba the administrative determination is completed this fall , the required communication steps are put to next spring and mid- 2014, the
street name signs will be placed and the plates issued . Also Statia completes the administrative establishment in 2013 and will put the necessary communication steps next spring. Placement of street name plates and presentation of the plates are provided for mid-2014. Bonaire seeks administrative determination to complete next spring, and to perform the remaining actions in the summer of 2014. All three islands planned to handle the addresses set by the summer of 2014 in the public administrations ‘ PIVA ‘ and will close their trajectory with a check on the placement of the plates .

Can you also inform the House whether postal codes will be used introduced on the islands , partly in view of the fact that residents of the islands have problems with the online ordering of products from webshops? Is introducing one separate zip code for each island a solution to this problem?
As indicated in answers to previous questions from your House a postcode system was especially important for the quality of delivery of letters if there is a dense and extensive network of delivery points . In the Caribbean Netherlands this is not the case. I expect that the adoption of street names and house numbers by the Executive Councils in the Caribbean Netherlands , and the implementation of these street names and house numbers in the public administrations ‘ PIVA ‘ and in public spaces will contribute to a better quality of delivery . As indicated in the answer to question 6 is Flamingo Communications intends next to delivery of letters also to offer such services on the other field of e- commerce . Flamingo Communications believes that the e -commerce , a system of postal codes might be of value. In this context Flamingo Communications is studying the possibility of introducing a system of postal codes by area in the Caribbean Netherlands . A ( staged ) However, the introduction of such a system requires the necessary financial investment and time is required . It is up to Flamingo Communications or other interested parties , to give  perform such a system, if desired.

( W. G. ) H.G.J. Kamp

Minister of Economic Affairs


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