Friday , March 24 2023

D66:”Appointment Rijksvertegenwoordiger now shadowy process”

The appointment procedure of the State Representative in the Caribbean Netherlands should be more transparent, is the opinion of D66 . The reason behind this remark is the impending departure of Wilbert Stolte. The current representative is controversial because of its share of the administrative problems on Bonaire.
D66 is making a proposal this afternoon for another appointment procedure during the debate on the budget of Kingdom Relations in the Second Chamber of the Parliament.
Now the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the State Representative, appoints the right hand of the Minister and the ministries in the Netherlands . The representative is the highest official on Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba, and is in charge to supervise the governments on the islands.

“People have no idea on the basis of which criteria the appointment is made”
According Wassila Hachchi (D66) the procedure to appoint the government representative should be about like that of the Commissioners of the King in the Netherlands.
“With a profile and a public vacancy, instead of the shadowy procedure now . The people on the islands have no idea on the basis of which the government representative is elected now.”

Hachchi wants Plasterk to come up with a proposal on this matter.

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