Saturday , September 30 2023

Fire in the port of Saba

The police reported that a big fire raged Wednesday morning in the port of Saba. The police, the fire department and the ambulance-service went to the location of the incident. In the meanwhile the fire is under control.

From within the police-force, the Duty officer – calamities was used. Because of the strong smoke, children from two schools were evacuated and were all brought to safety. The Island Governor used ample transportation capacity to execute this operation as soon as possible. This afternoon a meeting was organized by the authorities and those in charge were called together. A criminal investigation has  been initiated by the police on the cause and the suspects of the fire.

From the primary investigation it has been established that a large amount of car tires were set on fire. There are now three suspects in custody, suspected of arson. They have been brought in front of the Auxiliary Prosecutor.

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