Friday , March 24 2023

Saba-Palooza announces fun(d)raising

The Daily Herald announces that women’s Medical Student Association of the Saba University School of Medicine will organise a Saba-Palooza fundraising event this Thursday afternoon, November 28 at the Johan Cruyff Court in The Bottom. Everyone is invited to participate in this outdoor activity-filled afternoon that, according to the organizers, promises to highlight the “fun” in fundraising. The event includes a “3-legged race,” a “Wheel barrow race” and an “egg and spoon race.” Depending on time and resources there might be a whip cream eating contest yet, or a “dizzy bat” one. Team prize awards are prepared for the “race champs”, ”best themed” and “best dressed” team. Medical students will signup with their class representatives, and the entry fee for one of the four teams will be US $5 per person. All proceeds will go towards Christmas presents for the residents of the Honourable Henry C. Every Nursing Home.


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