Wednesday , March 29 2023

Answer from Plasterk regarding the appointment of the Rijksvertegenwoordiger

MP : Hachchi ( D66 ) asked the question:
Can the minister  streamline the appointment of the Rijksvertegenwoordiger (Kingdom Representative) to that of a Commissaris van de Koning (Commissioner of the King) ?
The answer was:
There are major differences in the position and the role of  the Commissioner of the King  and the Kingdom Representative , which partly are reflected in the appointment procedure .
The procedure for the appointment is defined in article 188 WolBES . The minister draws a profile, then the vacancy is published in the Staats Courant . Before the Minister makes the decision for the nomination, he first collects information  about the persons concerned and tests the feelings  in the governing bodies of public bodies, in order to assess the support for the functioning of the person concerned in practice .

As the Kingdom Representative is not part of the island government, and, hence, has no accountability to these bodies, there is no confidential advice nor a recommendation from the Island councils required.
It is known that  the current Kingdom Representative will leave his position on 1 May 2014. I will therefore establish a profile for his succession. This fits in with the current actions for improving the National Coordination .

Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk
Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk
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