Tuesday , March 28 2023

Answers by Plasterk to questions about poverty

MP Van Laar (PvdA) asked minister Plasterk as some sort of  question:
The Labour Party is committed to social progress in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The fight against poverty is what the Labour Party sees as the highest priority.
The answer was:
The government recognizes the importance of this theme. As far as the countries of Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Aruba are concerned,   they themselves are primarily responsible for combating poverty.
For the Caribbean Netherlands, the problems of poverty and purchasing power should not be underestimated. This is also the explicit focus of this government.
At the same time it is also a difficult problem to solve, because simply increasing the incomes would harm the economy of the islands.
Experience in other economies shows, that the business climate becomes unfavorable (more expensive than other islands in the region).
The solution must be sought primarily in economic development and trying to get the prices down.

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