Saturday , April 1 2023

Lt. Governor Bonaire, Lydia Emerencia, resigned today

Joep Dohmen (NRC) writes that  Lt. Governor Lydia Emerencia of Bonaire sent a message  to Minister Plasterk ( Interior, Labour) that she resigned this morning. She did so after a majority of the island Council had expressed not to have  confidence in her last Tuesday.
According to Emerencia , the motion of no confidence was ” full of allegations that are not solidified .” The resignation of the Lt.  Governor  is related to the  all two-year management crisis on the island.

In September Plasterk called for consultation Kingdom representative Wilbert Stolte , who supervises on on behalf of “The Hague”  the administration of Bonaire , Saba and St. Eustatius . That happened after reports that, he himself, had interfered with judicial investigations against politicians from the ruling Christian Democratic UPB . The outcome of the consultation was that Stolte , although appointed until May 2017 , will resign in May 2014.

The UPB  came into conflict with Governor Emerencia this spring after she had informed the police about one of the  UPB -deputies ( alderman ) because  of forgery. He had given advantage to someone in the provision of taxi licenses .


The no-confidence motion was filed Tuesday by UPB – chairman Jeffrey Living Stone. He is accused in the corruption scandal surrounding the UPB which is currently on trial against two party leaders . According to the motion , the lieutenant governor ” has no idea what governing means .” She is also accused of the fact that she would not want to receive Sinterklaas and to have made high travel costs.

The administrative problems Bonaire escalated in 2011 with the appointment of the CDA Wilbert Stolte as Kingdom representative . It is reported that he is only backed by the UPB , the sister party of the Christian Democrats , but backed further by just a few parties . He is at odds with the opposition in the Island Council , with the Lt. Governor, with Dutch officials , with the management of the police  and the Public Prosecution Service .

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  1. What a sad day for Bonaire. Having had two Governors resign in less then 3 years is a major signal that Bonaire is in a crisis state and needs major intervention.It will be interesting to see how Holland will deal with this new development based on a corrupt group of individuals who want to wield own brand of corrupt power.

  2. The Government of Bonaire should be placed under Higher Supervison poste haste.