Wednesday , February 28 2024

Police reports recent incidents

In a press release the Police Force of the Dutch Caribbean, KPCN, informs the public about the following incidents:


On Saturday, November 30th, around 17:35 pm, a collision occurred at the junction between a local nightlife establishment and a supermarket in Windwardside (Saba). There were no injuries.


On Saturday, November 30th, around 21:56 pm, a man was arrested in the port of Saba for assault, being offensive and disturbing the public peace. The man came to pick up a woman who became unwell upon arrival by boat. The man resisting arrest resulted in bystanders interfering with the police. The man was taken to the police station. The woman was taken to hospital.

Telephone theft

On Sunday, December 1st, around 00:40 am, a report was made of a stolen phone in a restaurant located in the Fort Oranje Street. The phone is a white Samsung S3. A woman had left her phone in the restroom. A man who went to the restroom after her probably took the phone. The phone was located by the owner of the restaurant by using a special computer program. This showed that the phone was located at the place where the man lives. A visit to the address went without result. The case is being investigated further.

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