Thursday , December 7 2023

Ministry investigates declarations Stolte

Ministry of Interior Affairs, dept. Integrity raises questions about double charging of Rijksvertegenwoordiger (Kingdom Representant)

The Ministry of Interior Affairs seeks clarification from Wilbert Stolte , representative of the Kingdom Representant of the Dutch islands Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba , about the double invoicing.” Amounts can be declared only once . We will ask the Kingdom Representative whether that happened here , “said a spokesman .

The Department responds to a report in this newspaper NRC. This showed that the CDA member Stolte , when he was a consultant on Bonaire , several days both declared a daily allowance both in The Hague and on Bonaire .

The biggest opposition party in the Island Council of Bonaire requires Stolte to step down immediately . According to Robbie Beukenboom , leader of the Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano ( PDB ) , the position of Stolte has become impossible .

” One of the main tasks of the government representative is overseeing the integrity of the board . Double invoicing , is fraud and theft , “said Beukenboom.

Stolte is alleged to have too narrow ties with the ruling Christian Democratic UPB , of which the leaders are suspected of corruption and fraud . The article of Saturday in this newspaper NRC revealed how Stolte and his friend Hans Hillen were acting as advocates for the UPB . Hillen was also found to have been responsible as political advisor for the UPB leader Ramonsito Booi, suspect of corruption.

Stolte has been urgently recalled in September by Minister Plasterk ( Interior, Labour). That happened after reports that he had interfered with criminal investigations against UPB politicians . The outcome was that Stolte in May 2014 retires  as a Kingdom Representative. That is three years earlier than planned.

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