Thursday , June 30 2022

Ministry investigates declarations Stolte

Ministry of Interior Affairs, dept. Integrity raises questions about double charging of Rijksvertegenwoordiger (Kingdom Representant)

The Ministry of Interior Affairs seeks clarification from Wilbert Stolte , representative of the Kingdom Representant of the Dutch islands Bonaire , Sint Eustatius and Saba , about the double invoicing.” Amounts can be declared only once . We will ask the Kingdom Representative whether that happened here , “said a spokesman .

The Department responds to a report in this newspaper NRC. This showed that the CDA member Stolte , when he was a consultant on Bonaire , several days both declared a daily allowance both in The Hague and on Bonaire .

The biggest opposition party in the Island Council of Bonaire requires Stolte to step down immediately . According to Robbie Beukenboom , leader of the Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano ( PDB ) , the position of Stolte has become impossible .

” One of the main tasks of the government representative is overseeing the integrity of the board . Double invoicing , is fraud and theft , “said Beukenboom.

Stolte is alleged to have too narrow ties with the ruling Christian Democratic UPB , of which the leaders are suspected of corruption and fraud . The article of Saturday in this newspaper NRC revealed how Stolte and his friend Hans Hillen were acting as advocates for the UPB . Hillen was also found to have been responsible as political advisor for the UPB leader Ramonsito Booi, suspect of corruption.

Stolte has been urgently recalled in September by Minister Plasterk ( Interior, Labour). That happened after reports that he had interfered with criminal investigations against UPB politicians . The outcome was that Stolte in May 2014 retires  as a Kingdom Representative. That is three years earlier than planned.

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