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Parliamentary questions about dismissal of the Governor of Bonaire

Questions from members Van Raak (SP) and Bishop (SGP) to the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations on the resignation of the Governor of Bonaire (submitted December 4, 2013)

1 How do you think that with the resignation of the Governor of Bonaire integrity of the administration on this island is served?

2 How do you view the fact that the no-confidence motion tabled has been by the Chairman of the UPB fraction, who is accused in a corruption scandal, for which currently two prominent UPB-party members face a trial?

3 Do you agree that the Governor on Bonaire should be supported in her commitment to sound governance and to integrity island government?

4 Are you planning to support the reqquest for resignation by the Governor on Bonaire?

5 Are you willing to hold up the resignation of the Governor of Bonaire as long the trial of suspected offenders is not completed?

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