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Sustainable fisheries on Saba Bank

As of December 1st, 2013 a total fishing ban is valid for 3 months of the year on the Moon Fish Bank, a small area on the Saba Bank. During this period, a fish spawning aggregation is taking place.

Saba bank
Saba bank

This is a phenomenon in which annually certain fish species from around the Saba Bank, in a given period of time, concentrate in a small area in order to procreate. Since people became aware of this phenomenon, fishing has been increasingly exercised on the Moonfish Bank. Research has shown that this type of spawning should be protected to maintain the health of the fishes. Thereby the source of income of fishermen is properly protected as well

The seasonal closure was done at the request of, and in close collaboration with the fishermen. The ban was imposed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, on the advice of the Fisheries Commission Caribbean Netherlands and will be upheld by the Coast Guard. The closed area will be monitored over the next five years, where after the results will be evaluated. This is to verify whether the measure is effective or whether additional or different regulatory regime should be put in place.

Press release RCN, December 4, 2013

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  1. They who abused it for the “Rock Hinds ” should be prohibited with their traps .
    Who are the commercial fishermen. It should be at least left for every full moon for the small/sport fishermen to catch the “Trigger Fish ” . That has been Saba culture since we have lived on this rock to go catch the trigger fish for their fish eggs. Weather permitting because these months the ocean is most of the time rough ! So not every day people will be there on the ground for the trigger fish . And at 14 fathoms the rock hinds does not come there.
    Punish they who abuse and those who come from the other islands ! We can’t go in their waters to fish unless permission from their country !
    I hope to have put my point forward. And get a response back .
    I feel like i am becoming a foreigner in my own country which is happening !

  2. Agreed Daniel Johnson.
    I say remove all Pots from the area and let us catch them by hand line, fish will pot no matter what whether it is on the area in question or not.
    I must also like to add that this (in my opinion ) is only the beginning of what is to come.
    We are as you mention becoming strangers in our own land.