Sunday , October 1 2023

Who reads SabaNews?

We often get questions concerning the popularity of our SabaNews site. Today there are many tools that give the Webmaster the possibility to see from which computer someone is reading an article and even which article. Of course, it is not possible to see who is reading SabaNews.
The statistics produced are based on the Internet Address of the computer on which you are reading SabaNews.  This is a unique, digital address with which your computer is known on the internet.

The statistics tools tell us the number of people reading SabaNews at any moment, and averages for any hour, day, week month, etc.

For example, the diagram below is tell us how many “views” we have had per day on SabaNews over the last two weeks.

Articles read on SabaNews per day over the last two weeks
Articles read on SabaNews per day over the last two weeks

OIt shows that, on average, we have some 1000 views per day. It also shows that the number of readers in the weekend is the lowest. The highest number of views ever recorded on one day was 3394 and you may guess when that was.

Where are our readers located?

To get an impression of where our readers are located we can check the countries where the Internet Addresses are registered. That leads to the following overview:

Countries where internet addresses are registered.
Countries where internet addresses are registered.

You may be surprised that Curaçao is at the top of the list. That is due to the fact that our local provider on Saba, Satel, uses Internet Addresses that are registered in Curaçao. We know that 95% of these addresses are allocated to Satel, so this number represents the readers on Saba.

The data show that almost 70% of our readers is from outside Saba. Of the foreign readers, those from the United States and The Netherlands show the most interest in our content.

Statistics on the number of readers of a website and where they come from is key for the Businesses and Authorities to decide what to publish and how to present their information on the site. No presence means no visibility.

For further information you can contact me through the link at the bottom of the page.

Sip Swierstra,

Webmaster SabaNews


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