Monday , February 26 2024

Rehabilitation officers focus on domestic violence

The Daily Herald writes that it was announced by Foundation for Rehabilitation Caribbean Netherlands SRCN to reinforce its approach to domestic violence. Thirty per cent of the Probation Office’s clients on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba have been involved with domestic violence, SRCN stated. “Every family or relationship experiences quarrels at times. That is quite normal. But what if there is physical, psychological or verbal abuse against the partner or children? That is not normal. However, it often occurs. Research shows that domestic violence rarely stops on its own. That is why SRCN is reinforcing its approach to domestic violence,” it was stated.
It is SRCN’s goal to contribute to the prevention of recidivism and to promote the reintegration of suspects and offenders involved with domestic violence. Tools to prevent domestic violence include a domestic violence risk assessment and the “Kas Sigur” perpetratortreatment programme, which also involves the (ex-) partner of the offender. In this programme, the perpetrator is taught to accept responsibility for his/her own behaviour and for the effects of his/her actions on the victim. Moreover, the participant is taught new strategies to deal with situations and to prevent violence. Issues such as good parenting and substance abuse are also addressed in the Kas Sigur programme. The Victim Support Service is also involved in the treatment programme. With these instruments, SRCN aims to contribute to a safe environment for those confronted with domestic violence and to a safe society as a whole.

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