Saturday , April 1 2023

Opinion: Cable TV service stinks

The Daily Herald published the following Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,
Thank you in advance for placing my complaint in your widely read newspaper; this is concerning cable TV on Saba. I left here on vacation, and I have been back now for the past five months, and still waiting to be connected to cable TV. Their service stinks!
The folks here, especially senior citizens, are complaining but to no avail. Paying monthly fees for 30 plus channels and only being able to see about 10 channels is horrible service! Even worse, while looking at your favourite show and in the midst of the most interesting part, up comes an ad saying: “Attention – pay now” blocking your view of the show. This is not fair to the viewers.
Is there a solution to this mess? Christmas is right around the corner, what is there to look at? Or are they eventually pushing us to purchase a dish, very costly for us senior citizens. If we, the subscribers, decide to stop paying the monthly fees what then? Then, we will hear all sorts of excuses etc. etc. etc…
We need a solution for this mess.
Unhappy subscriber
(Name withheld upon request)


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  1. Join the club.
    There is a large number of Sabans that are continuously being ripped off by this company for many years. I am a long term subscriber and, e.g., since October I have received no signal from them at all, although I have paid my fees.
    The company received a license for providing the service from our government. It seems to be a similar tragic story as we experienced with the Nieuwe Post service, although they do deliver mail, only very, very, very slowly.
    Fortunately the Dutch government was willing to interfere, but it seems that our local dignitaries have other priorities than service to the public.
    For the time being it seems that we are stuck with this cable company, but we can change the politicians in the beginning of next year when we have elections again.

  2. Have you ever heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind” , well here is where is plays it’s biggest role.1st of all niether of the Commissioners (Bruce or Chris) will ever see your or our problem because with their NICE salaries, they both have a dish with the best packages to booth. The Govenor (Mr. Johnson, M.Ed ) also has one also, so why should he care. Ohh and don’t forget that one of the owners or wife of one of the owners of the said cable company is one of the crooks on OUR ISLAND COUNCIL but she has a dish also, so when it comes to changes I guess it will never happen, because they that have to make sure the people get what they are paying for and promissed have all ready made a change at their own homes have forgot about the hard working, honest residents of this island that voted for them to be in the position that they are in presently. Please remember COUNCIL members and COMISSIONERS, we the people of Saba put you in those fancy seats you sit every day, and just as easy we can take you back out.