Sunday , October 1 2023

VVD worried about expensive internet cable

After the letter from minister Plasterk to the parliament and the criticism of the General Audit Chamber on 28 November related to the procedures concerning fiber optic cable in the Caribbean Netherlands, members of the VVD (Liberal Democratic Party) expressed their concerns  about the higher price tag for the construction. Bart de Liefde, Aukje de Vries and André Bosman want to hear from the minister why the House was not informed about the bill that now would be almost 10 million, being twice as much as previously estimated.
Bart de Liefde said that he first thought he was misreading the messages about it, because he could not believe his eyes. The VVD- member states that all inhabitants of the Kingdom are entitled to have access to the internet, but he finds it impossible to explain that there is so much money spent in this project while “167,000 households in rural areas of the European part of the Netherlands only have a snail’s pace connection to internet.” With Bosman and De Vries, he wants to know if it is true that there is a deviation from previous agreements and that the Netherlands were accounted for additional duties and expenses for the cable between Sint Eustatius and Saba and whether that should not have been reported to Parliament. The VVD also wonders if doubling the available budget is not too much and how many existing Internet connections actually will benefit from this investment.

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