Sunday , March 26 2023

Jonathan Johnson member of a new Commission

The Ministry of Kingdom Affairs decided to install a new small commission regarding the evaluation of 10-10-10. See hereafter the content of the official dicision.

Installation Decision Commission ” Small evaluation Caribbean Netherlands ”

In the past year many actors ( the Parliament , the Court of Audit , the Public Bodies etc ) questioned the functioning of the coordination of the National Board in Caribbean Netherlands . This has led to the fact that the evaluation of such coordination should take place earlier than expected. The Minister of the Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations has informed the parliament and made the commitment to come with a point of view by the 1st of May.
In preparation the first step has been made by conducting an audit by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Inspection , Detection and Guidance) . The inspection conducted this audit between October 22 and  November 6 and reported to the Secretary – General of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations . The report shall be made available to the commission .

Commission members
The committee consists of :
· A president , namely : Mr. Marcel van Gastel ;
· A member representing the islands, namely Mr. Jonathan Johnson , Governor of Saba ;
· A member representing the CN-table, namely : Ms. Jenny Thunnissen , Inspector General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment .
The secretariat of the Commission shall be provided by the directory of Kingdom Relations . The commission acts without consultation obligations, and will present its report no later than February 1 to the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations .

The Mission of the Commission
In the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a large number of recommendations were addressed to multiple actors. Some of the recommendations deserve further analysis and clarification, another part can be picked up directly. The Inspection puts in its analysis and work the emphasis on ” what people think and experience.” This commission would have to consider the kingdom coordination in a more political and managerial perspective. This includes also the possible changes to the responsibilities of the Rijksvertegenwoordiger – the state representative -, the Interior Ministry and the ministries . This also creates a relationship with the ” Major Evaluation” ( possibly legislative changes) .
The committee is requested to come up with more targeted proposals with respect to respect the administrative recommendations. Without being exhaustive and it then only concerns:
· The more robust deployment and management role of the CN-table , from both the ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations and from the other ministries ;
· The connection of the CN- table on the role and responsibility of the State Representative . This would also imply the to be provided profile of the Kingdom Representative and his / her substantive mandate from CN – table ;
· The connection between the national coordination / Rijksvertegenwoordiger and the public bodies (both regarding administration and civil service) .

Reimbursement shall be based on the costs incurred by the members .

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