Tuesday , May 30 2023

Success Banana Salsa Party

More than 100 people, adults and children participated in the Banana Salsa Party on Tuesday December the 17th.
This time the event was not in Scouts but in the Eugenius Johnson Centre in Windwardside, indoors and outdoors. It started with a set of lectures about the achievements of the Foundation Social Workplace in 2013, about the advises from the ACT-group of University Wageningen this year, which project was initiated by René Caderius van Veen under the name SABAGRO, and about the first implementation of that Wageningen project starting to grow mushrooms, which was managed by one of the Wageningen students Peppe Alessandrello from Italy.About 45 people attented these three presentations of all together approximately 45 minutes.
In 2012 the first Banana Salsa party took place, invented by René  and organised by him together with Otto Manuel Andérez, the manager of the Organoponics Garden. Now,  in 2013, the second Banana Salsa party was organized by the board and staff of the foundation social workplace Saba, responsible for the Organoponics Garden and for all kinds of adult education (ACE) and Second Chance education (SKJ).
After this first part the tasting event started. Many professionals from restaurants etc. and also many private persons had again prepaired delicious dishes all with local products. To mention some names: Scout’s place, El Momo’s, Rainforest Restaurant, Shearwater, Guido’s, Bizzy B, Seawitch, Eden Tropics, Verdier, pop’s Place, Saba Snack but also private people such as Evette Peterson, Marjorie Hassell, Mary Johnson and others. Apologies if someone has been forgotten in this list.
About another 50 people plus a number of children had been standing outside the Eugenius Johnson Centre waiting for the second and third part of the Banana Salsa Party. During this tasting event the disk-jockey started to play the salsa music already, which made many people already in the mood and made them sometimes dancing with their delicious dishes in their hands.
When all 100 visitors (or more) had finished the tasting, the real salsa party started in which of course Otto was very present but also Cucchi with Rachel and many, many others.
Even the short rain just after 8 p.m. was not a problem: the party continued to be great fun.

Second Chamber will visit Windward Islands
Jonathan Johnson member of a new Commission

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