Tuesday , March 5 2024

Crisis on Bonaire

A comment on the crisis on Bonaire was given by Trix Bennekom on Facebook with the following content.
Last Wednesday (18/12 )the Governor of Bonaire Lydia Emerencia had her monthly meeting with the press. She is determined – as agreed with Plasterk – to remain in function until the 1st of March and not to be chased away by he UPB.
It is clear that the UPB is furious about the outcome of the WEB-investigation and about the fact that Minister Kamp has given the report to the OM (Ministry of Justice).
The UPB politicians vent their fury on the Governor being the one who – despite massive opposition – had succeeded  to carry out these investigations on the governance of WEB.

Emerencia together with Minister Kamp gave the order for these investigations. For the Governor the reason for it was the large increase of the rates more than a year ago. The report in itself is shocking , but really perplexing is the discovery that $ 10 million in funding from the windenergy project can not been explained.
Instead of backing of and having worries about the message, the UPB politicians respond with a tackling the messenger hard and refusing to work with Emerencia anymore. This could be considered as political vandalism. Meanwhile , the Second Chamber in The Hague announced a debate on the crisis of the governance on Bonaire.

Also NTR / Caribisch Network reports that governor Lydia Emerencia cannot function in a number of her tasks now that a majority of the Island Council refuses her as chairlady.
The comment of Emerencia is that it is now the task of the Dutch government to interfere if the island cannot be governed anymore. She informed Rijksvertegenwoordiger Wilbert Stolte about the situation, hoping that this will not last until the 1st of March. She sincerely hopes that the members of the Island Council and the Commissioners will realise that governing is necessary.

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  1. The cloud over the island council only gets darker and the situation gives clear indication that you can be a criminal and get away with it. The woman should stay in office those members of the UPB involved in this corruption should be in front of a judge and a new system of Government should be established. enough is enough!

  2. Ditto!!!! Ditto. We see the effects of corruption with their officers sent over to SABA!!

  3. Indeed. Enough is enough. Out with UPB, Santana, Stolte, all their fans, sponsors and creepy business partners!

  4. Having been called a whistleblower by the great man himself Meneer Stolte, because I brought to light the funding corruptions,I can say that being truthful has its price and sometimes that means having to leave. But leaving with ones intergrity is better by far than bowing to corruption. Thr governor has my utmost respect.