Thursday , December 7 2023

Position of Cabinet Rutte is weak

Cabinet Rutte is not strong enough to go on without a good relation with D66, ChristenUnie and SGP, is the conclusion made in NRC Handelsblad.  Many people who voted for  the coalition parties conservative VVD and Labour party PvdA are not satisfied with the current political situation and said they may not vote again for these parties. This is by the way not very uncommon for political parties in a coalition.
Research by Ipsos showed that just 40 % of the people who voted PvdA in September 2012 were almost certain to vote for the party in another election.
The same applied to 60 % of VVD supporters. On top of that, 25% of the 2012 PvdA voters said they would never vote for the party again, according Ipsos. Some 17 per cent of VVD voters would also boycott the party in the future.
The VVD would, however, remain the largest party with 18-per-cent support. PvdA’s support would be halved to 19 seats, or 12.7 per cent of the vote.
Ipsos poll also showed an increase in support for Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam Party for Freedom PVV, which would become the second largest party with 24 seats, which would be nine more than in the 2012 general election.
Ipsos predicted 23 seats for centre-democrat D66; an increase of 12 seats.

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