Tuesday , November 28 2023

Journal NRC Handelsblad reveals more about Stolte

Wilbert Stolte , representative on Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, again is discredited . He breached of the rules by agreeing to the appointment of a commissioner at the water and energy company Bonaire ( WEB ). According to the Code of Good Governance , the commissionar should not have been allowed to be appointed.
This reveals  a report of Bureau SEO Economic Research into the abuses at WEB . According the report, commissioned by among others Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs, the  “maladministration” by WEB was a fact. For the tendering of a wind power plant also disappeared $ 10 million . Minister Kamp has reported this to the Prosecutor . He wants to further research.
According to the report Stolte has insufficiently carried out supervision on WEB . He did not maintain the integrity code and violated the principles of good corporate governance . Stolte wrongly did not inform  the WEB management and the governor ( mayor) about informal agreements and discussions on WEB .
Stolte monitors since 2011 on behalf of the Government the integrity of the administration in the Caribbean Netherlands . Next May, he will leave as state representative , as was known last September for his part in the administrative problems and incorrect declaration behaviour .

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