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Annual End of Year Fireworks Display on Saba

Saba Government Information Service                December 27, 2013
Everyone is invited to view what will definitely be a spectacular fireworks show, when the skies over Hell’s Gate are lit up during the Annual End of Year Grand Fireworks Display.  The pyrotechnic extravaganza will take place Monday, December 30th at 7:00 pm, at Cove Bay, allowing for fantastic viewing points along the road throughout the village.
This year’s fireworks display is being sponsored by The Island Government, Saba Roads and My Store.
The exhibit is being held especially for the younger children of the island, who would normally be asleep during the New Year’s Celebration, and for those who may be in church for the traditional end of year services. The entire community is invited to come out and witness an impressive end to 2013.
Fireworks Display

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