Monday , March 20 2023

Sorton presents “An Inside Look”

The Daily Herald writes about an autobiographic tale of the life of a little boy, born May 23rd, 1946, on the five-squaremiles Island of Saba, which had some 900 inhabitants at that time. This is the plot of a book written by Raphael A.M. Sorton, who grew up to become, among other things, Acting Lt. Governor of his home island.
Sorton’s book, titled An Inside Look was presented in The Hague to Minister Plenipotentiary of St. Maarten Mathias Voges. Sorton has also held a similar post as Voges, serving as Acting Director and Acting Minister Plenipotentiary of the Netherlands Antilles. The highlight of his career was taking the oath of office before her then Queen, now Princess Beatrix. Sorton’s journey through the realms of the Antillean Government and interaction with officials and politicians, generally of Curaçao origin, brought to light, underlying racial, arrogant and superiority tendencies, towards foreign investors, persons from other islands, and even amongst themselves. These aspects are explored in the book. This all attributed to the faltering answers of why, despite sound efforts, attracting foreign investment to the Island was never really successful, said Sorton.

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