Tuesday , March 28 2023

Rolando Wilson looks back and forth

The Daily herald writes that reflecting on 2013, Island Council member and Chairman of the Central Committee Rolando Wilson said he was grateful for the progress that has been made within the government system and in the private sector. “There were many challenges and changes that have taken place and some will continue in 2014,” he said in his New Year’s message.
Noting major highlights of the past year, Wilson mentioned the passing of ordinances and statutes for the new Saba Electricity Company N.V. and meetings held with Island Council members of Bonaire and St. Eustatius. Concerning health care, Wilson said he welcomed the expansion and renovation of St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC). He said Saba would do “whatever it can to assist them in this process, seeing that they are our first and most important stop. This will also be beneficial for families and less costly.” Wilson also said Saba and Statia’s health care foundation and SMMC are continuing to working together to improve on the services they are offering to the public, including more specialized service to the islands, better training for staff and better use of medical equipment. “Saba Health Care will also continue to provide extra medical care in Colombia and Guadeloupe for their patients. They will also continue to do their best to resolve problems that arise at times when their patients are abroad,” the Island Councilman said. The Windward Islands’ People’s Movement (WIPM) member also mentioned the increase of the minimum wage and unemployment allowance on government’s request, and said government will continue to encourage youth to excel in the arts and in their education. Regarding communication, Government was “very happy” with the agreement that was reached and signed between St. Maarten’s Minister of Economic Affairs Ted Richardson and Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN Director Sybren van Dam regarding the fibre optic cable. “Faster and better communication is in everyone’s best interest,” said Wilson.
Looking forward to 2014, Wilson said plans are in the making for the construction of a new day care centre with two kindergarten classes in St. John’s to create more room for teachers and children. Renovations are also scheduled at a later date for Sacred Heart School and Saba Comprehensive School. More and better toilets will be built to accommodate staff and students. The road construction for St. John’s will also start. With the help of the European Union, Woonlinie housing cooperation in the Netherlands, Own Your Own Home Foundation and the Island Government of Saba, 20 families will be moving into the new homes at Under the Hill. “A new financial agreement was reached and signed on December 5, 2013, between the European Commission and Saba Government to finance the infrastructure for the project Under the Hill, Wilson stated. Reflecting on the economy, Wilson said the economy is improving. “We encourage more people to invest in business. We applaud the entrepreneurship of small private investors and will continue to support them: the Breadline Gallery, dive shops, Saba Artisan Foundation, restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, hardware stores, the pharmacy et cetera,” he said. The Island Councilman also thanked Saba School of Medicine “who plays a major role in the economy.” As projects for 2014 Wilson mentioned the renovation of the Police Station in the Bottom, Sunny Valley Youth Center, Agriculture Centre, youth centre Windwardside, Community Centre Zion’s Hill, renovation of Queen Wilhelmina Park and the ongoing Harbour project. The building of a parking lot in Windwardside, playground parks in the different villages, and road network maintenance will continue in the New Year as well as strengthening the retaining walls at Hell’s Gate Gut, Wilson stated. “As we move forward during the course of 2014, let us keep our focus and goals on the one who is able to guide and direct us,” Wilson said in concluding his New Year’s message.

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