Tuesday , May 30 2023

Bosman (VVD): “Residents on the BES Islands must work harder and and produce more”

Belkis Osepa reports in “Caribisch Network” about the visit of the delegation of the Second Chamber of the parliament. Translation: SabaNews.
There is work to be done for the people of the Caribbean Netherlands when it comes to the pricey goods in supermarkets . VVD parliamentarian André Bosman believes that the residents should approach the labor market in a different way. His solution : ” Let them work harder for more income and produce and grow more themselves. ”
The parliament delegation concluded the visit to Bonaire with a look at two supermarkets in Kralendijk and Rincon . Also on Saba and Statia , the delegation led by Labour there Jeroen Recourt passed along the shelves .

Despite the disappearing of taxes on the import of goods , the products are still expensive, finds Wassila Hachchi ( D66 ). Two years ago, she was also the supermarkets walked on Bonaire . Today she walked past the shelves of looking for something nice for her colleagues to celebrate her birthday. Hachchi states that the chain of a range of products has to be revisited ” It appears that there are a lot of links in the chain of products before they reach the consumer . These links make money there. ”
Also Bosman mentions the product route, at which the government should take a look . But he would rather talk about the ratio of income to prices . He thinks that it has to be investigated whether there are no pricing agreements.” Competition is good . They may well ask competitive prices . ”

Bosman finds searching for a structural solution more important and he thinks that the inhabitants of the BES islands themselves should take care for getting more income. “Hard working is a must and looking for work opportunities. Why are there no cows, and why are there no tomatoes , cucumbers and sweet potatoes grown? People need to take chances themselves.

The call on the islands for the same social contributions and income as in the Netherlands is not feasible, finds Bosman. In the Caribbean Netherlands another tax system exists. Bosman: ” Moreover, we must be careful to copy from the Netherlands the positive things and to leave the negative things . ”

The parliamentarians met the Island Councils during their visit. A balance has been made of the areas where things are going well and the topics that need more attention in the Netherlands . The Parliament awaits a study of Secretary of State Jetta Klijnsma, to achieve concrete agreements concerning those income groups that are more affected by the high prices on the islands.

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