Tuesday , March 5 2024

Wassila Hachchi and Roelof van Laar positive about Saba Visit

The Daily Herald writes about the delegation of the Dutch Parliament’s Second Chamber that visited Saba Saturday and highlights two comments.
Wassila Hachchi of centredemocrat D66 party and Roelof van Laar (PvdA) were joined on this trip by André Bosman of conservative VVD party, Ronald van Raak of Socialist Party (SP) and Gert-Jan Segers of the Christian Union.

One of the most outspoken representatives on Caribbean Netherlands issues, Hachchi, stressed that the visit to Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba was an important democratic exercise to hear and see the latest developments. “Since 10/10/10 the islands have become a part of the Netherlands and we already know about the things that people are worried about, like the prices in supermarkets and health care.” She said, “It is very important to meet the people of Saba again and to get feedback,” since such previous, direct interactions have formed her positions and efforts in parliament. She believes this exercise allows for insights into “things that need to be improved” as well as confirming goals reached.

Hachchi met with the Island Council, but highlighted visits to supermarkets to experience the high prices of products. The MPs visited Big Rock Supermarket and Unique Supermarket in Windwardside and also met with locals at Breadline Plaza. “For me it was a very good opportunity to see my contacts on the island again and to meet new people,” said Hachchi.

Connecting her visit to Saba with the conference in Curaçao, she said it was an opportunity to address the issues that directly concern the Caribbean Netherlands. “Think of health care issues and the helicopter that is of importance to get people to the hospital in St. Maarten. Saba and Statia depend on St. Maarten; Bonaire on Curaçao and Aruba. The relationships within the Kingdom are of importance. At the conference we will also discuss topics like governance, education, youth issues, transport and economic opportunities.”

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