Monday , February 26 2024

Results third perception study Dutch Caribbean will soon be available

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In a press release, the RCN announced today that the results of the third perception study in the Dutch Caribbean will be available soon. Since the baseline survey in 2011, the satisfaction of the citizens in the Dutch Caribbean about education, health, safety, fire department, police department and tax, have progressed. The results of the perception survey in 2013 show that the service quality of the Kingdom administration services is generally considered satisfactory to good. The development of the purchasing power and disposable income remains a matter of concern. People are still optimistic about the future of the Dutch Caribbean.

The results of the perception research, answer the question: “How do the citizens of the Dutch Caribbean at this moment perceive the changes as a result of the changed constitutional relations in the Kingdom”. The study was conducted among a randomly selected sample of residents of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.

This is the third time that the perception research was done since the constitutional changes of 10-10-10. The research was conducted by Curconsult and commissioned by the Kingdom Representative. The results, as in previous years will be posted on the website of RCN

Once the translations of the research in English and Papiamentu are available, they will also be posted on the site.

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