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Project “I Love My Body 2014” starts

When the New Year starts a lot of people make resolutions to improve their health. To support them in keeping their New Year’s resolutions, Dr. Gina Boorsma, General practitioner at Saba Health Care Foundation will once again host the “I Love My Body 2014” initiative. The intention of the project is to emphasize to participants how to go about creating a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be obtained by eating healthy as well as exercising.

Last year Dr. Boorsma held the same initiative for hospital staff. As a result of the “I Love My Body 2013” project, participants feel better, lost weight and continue to exercise.

Dr. Gina Boorsma (center) coordinator of the " I love my body 2014" project with nurses from the Saba Health Care Foundation wearing T-shirts from this year's  campaign
Dr. Gina Boorsma (center) coordinator of the ” I love my body 2014″ project with nurses from the Saba Health Care Foundation wearing T-shirts from this year’s campaign

This year participation in the program is open to everyone.  The program which begins on January 21, and every Tuesday, for the next 12 weeks, from 3.30pm till 4.30pm, there will be meetings in which presentations will be given about eating healthy and motivating yourself to acquirehealthy habits.  Dr Boorsma will host the meetings and there also will be guest speakers, highlighting certain aspects of a healthy lifestyle. There is no cost for participation.

In explaining what constitutes a healthy lifestyle Dr. Boorsma said “Eating healthy means eating at regular times, eating a balanced diet with enough fruit, vegetables and fibres. It also means no smoking and consuming alcohol in moderation. Regular exercise is needed for a healthy lifestyle.  Every day you should commit to 30 minutes of moderate exercise, like walking, is needed to keep fit.” She also stressed “I Love My Body is not a diet; it is a program that helps to make long-term changes to diet and physical activity that result in a steady rate of weight loss. The key to success is making realistic changes to your diet and level of physical activity that can become a part of your daily routine.”  The program is inspired on the Weight loss guide from the National Health Service United Kingdom, (

Dr. Boorsma also elucidated on the benefits improving your wellbeing, stating, “A healthy lifestyle has a big input on your health. Losing weight, eating healthy and exercise will reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. It also reduces glucose tolerance, which decreases the risk of diabetes or if you already have diabetes it reduces the need for insulin or tablets.  Joint pains and back pain can also be reduced.  Abdominal problems like gas, constipation, reflux and abdominal pain can disappear. Even your fertility can improve.”

Along with the “I Love My Body 2014” initiative, the Physiotherapy Department starts with Body Fit.  Body Fit is a weekly workout session consisting of basic exercises which are designed to help participants feel stronger, energized, balanced and fit for day to day activities. Whether a person has experience or not, Body Fit will provide the tools to maintain control over your fitness level and decrease any level of discomfort. Laurens Dhaese, the local physical therapist will host these weekly sessions every Wednesday afternoon from 4-5pm. The sessions will be held at the gym in St Johns. Body Fit is free to attend the first 3 months, the program will continue throughout the year.

People who would like help with losing weight, people with illnesses like diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis or PCO and everyone that  wants to work on a healthy lifestyle, is invited to be part of the “I Love My Body 2014” program.

Press release GIS Saba, January 19, 2014


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  1. What a excellent Program dr Gina. I hope a lot of people will join and enjoy it.