Saturday , December 2 2023

I Love my body program attracts many

The kick-off of the  “I Love My Body” program attracted some 45 persons, all interested in creating a healthier life style.

Dr. Gina Boorsma introduced the program that will run for 12 consecutive weeks. The participants established a baseline in weight, waist length, blood pressure, etc. The key messages of the first session were:


  1. Eat less.
  2. Eat regular.
  3. Eat not more than three  meals and two snacks per day.
  4. Eat from a smaller plate.
  5. Eat slowly.
  6. Focus on what you are eating.


I love my Body - opening
Dr. Gina Boorsma addresses the kick-off meeting.

The program also encompasses a “body fit class”, hosted by Physical therapist Laurens Dhaese. The first session starts today  in St. John’s gym 4:00-5:00pm. During the program, the class will be every Wednesday and is  free of charge for everyone who wants to participate. Wear loose sportive clothing with gym shoes and make sure to bring water and a towel.

For those  who would like to join this program from home or missed today’s session; have a look at the personal plan. Fill it out to keep track of your changes as we go through the 12 weeks of I Love My Body.

I love my Body - Personal Plan
I love my Body – Personal Plan


Download for printing: I Love My Body – Personal plan

Then there is the Food & Activity chart on which you can keep track on how you are performing during the week.

I Love My Body - Food & Activity chart
I Love My Body – Food & Activity chart

Download for printing: I Love My Body – Food & Activity chart
Let us know if you need help filling it out and of course we would love to see you next week Tuesday for our next session.

For the latest updates on the I Love My Body program check out the SabaHealthCare Facebook page

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