Thursday , November 30 2023

President of High Court discusses law enforcement problems

The Daily Herald writes that President of the High Court of the Netherlands Geert Corstens visited Saba, meeting with Governor Jonathan Johnson Tuesday afternoon at the Government Building in The Bottom. Problems with law enforcement were the of the topics of discussion, Corstens said. Judges of the Joint Court of Justice Katja Mans and Acting-Judge Sydney Sorton accompanied the visitor from The Hague.

Asked to comment on the goal of his visit and the topics of the meeting, High Court President Corstens noted that “the last time I visited Saba was more than four years ago, before the transition. I decided to come again to visit Saba and the other islands since they are in a new position, in a more direct way a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.”

With regard to the topics discussed with the Governor, Corstens said that “we have discussed the problems faced especially with regard to law enforcement, police affairs and justice affairs.” “We are, as the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, also the Supreme Court for the Joint Court of Justice in the Dutch Caribbean, so we also play a role with regard to justice in this part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands,” the High Court President said. The underlined goal of the visit was “to get acquainted with the people over here; in particular people who are rendering justice, and also with the authorities of this part of the kingdom.”

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