Saturday , December 2 2023

Governor Jonathan Johnson present at tribute for Beatrix

After 33 years on the throne, Beatrix abdicated on April 30, 2013, after which her son, King Willem-Alexander, ascended to the throne. The tribute show will be held at the Ahoy venue in Rotterdam and has been put together by oboist and artistic leader of the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble Bart Schneemann and will be presented by Chantal Janzen. This writes The Daily Herald.
Among the more than 4,000 guests will be members of the royal family as well as dignitaries and residents from all countries within the kingdom. Governor Jonathan Johnson of Saba will also be present.
The show will consist of a performance of Dutch Blazers Ensemble in cooperation with Dutch Dance Theatre and Corpus Acrobatics. Well-known Dutch personalities Erica Terpstra, Humberto Tan, Jeroen Henneman and Anita Witzier will be presenting personal messages to Princess Beatrix. The show will be broadcast live on NOS television in the Netherlands and will also be broadcast on the islands on BVN TV

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