Sunday , March 26 2023

New Playground to be developed in Cove Bay

A new playground will soon be built at Cove Bay in Hell’s Gate, as an additional play area for young children to spend some time outside. The new playground is being financed through funds from the Island Government and the Dutch Government through its ‘leefbaarheidfonds’

Cove Bay development area
Cove Bay development area

Cove Bay was chosen as the location for this project because many people already take their children there to swim because of its shallow swimming area. It is also a popular destination for birthday parties and is equipped with bathroom facilities and parking. Based on the above reasons and the fact that there are no facilities for physical activities in Hell’s Gate, it made the Cove Bay area the ideal location.

A barge load of white sand, which has been donated by Country St. Maarten will be used to cover the play area as well as to replenish the beach. The project is expected to begin well before the end of the first quarter. Plans for the playground were drawn by the Planning Bureau with assistance from Ms. Robin Aerts, who is a trainee assisting the Planning Bureau.

Commissioner of Sports, Bruce Zagers, stated that he was very pleased to be able to see such a project be realized for the children of the island. “This playground will be an attractive addition to the already popular Cove Bay area. I am sure it will be enjoyed by all children.” The Commissioner also expressed his gratitude to the Government of St. Maarten and the Harbor for donating what will be a second barge load of white sand which will surely enhance the entire Cove Bay area.

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