Tuesday , March 5 2024

Haitian community grateful for support and solidarity

Speaking on behalf of more than thirty Haitiborn residents in Saba, Haiti Association President Germaine Mermane and Vice-President Wilner Rosemond expressed their gratitude to the community for its overwhelming show of support and solidarity with the victims of the house fire of January 7. This writes The Daily Herald.

The affected family of Haitians Yvener and Italise Cetoute, whose house burnt to the ground, was treated as Saba’s own, said Mermane. The Haitian community appreciates the prompt response of Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and the many institutions and individuals who mobilized to help the victims, he said. Mermane, who is a resident of Saba for more than 24 years, works in the construction sector, just as Cetoute and most Haitian men living on Saba. Similar to most women of Haitian origin, Italise Cetoute also works in the hospitality sector.

For the Haitians in Saba, the community’s support for its fellow- countrymen is a meaningful reassurance that all Haitians are respected and will be helped in times of need. “This overwhelming reaction from the Saba community is not taken for granted and is truly valued by the Haitian minority, Mermane said, who pledged that the Haitian community will always be there to help in times of need.

They especially thanked Saba Healthcare Foundation and government for providing the affected family with temporary housing in The Level. This weekend, the Island Government, together with Own Your Own Home Foundation, made it possible for the family to be relocated in one of the new Under the Hill social housing apartments in The Bottom. This level of care and continued concern did not go unnoticed and the whole Haitian community is said to have rejoiced in seeing the true meaning of being members of the Saba community.

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