Wednesday , December 6 2023

Air Antilles and Winair present alliance

The Daily Herald reports that the respective chief executives of regional airlines Air Antilles and Winair gave joint presentations of their recently formed alliance that sees both airlines pooling their resources and equipment to facilitate travel within the entire Caribbean to over 22 destinations from the hubs of St. Maarten, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. With a combined total of 15 aircraft and 379 available seats to transport 600,000 passengers the alliance will see both airlines servicing more destinations than any of the six other regional competitors. Air Antilles will be operating out of Princess Juliana International Airport SXM as of February 15.

The alliance also expands Winair’s network in the Caribbean for seamless connectivity to the Southern Caribbean, connecting St. Maarten to Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre. By combining their resources, both companies will be in a position to better service existing markets, open new markets, and expand into other areas of cooperation.

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