Monday , March 27 2023

Artists organise outdoor-market in Windwardside

Island artists put together the first Outdoor Art Market at Breadline Plaza in Windwardside on Wednesday morning. The location and time were selected to coincide with the weekly SabaGro Market of fresh local organic produce. Surprisingly, the friendly-priced artwork flew off to new homes faster than the fresh fruits and vegetables. Many residents purchased multiple paintings knowing the artists’ reputations and not having seen their work so affordably priced before.

Art sale in the Breadline Plaza , Windwardside

The works of some 11 artists went on sale including paintings, drawings and limited-edition prints, as well artisanal postcards and hand-painted silk scarves.

The organising group of artists was led by renowned artist Heleen Cornet. She was joined at the art tent by Els Mommers, Suzan ten Holt, Hanny Schouten, Mary Thielman, Jo Ann McCarty, Dee Mozzochi and Pamela Lietz. While not present at the sale, other local artists such as Angelita Peterson, Stacey Simmons and Patsy Johnson often join the art group, which meets weekly on Saturday and Tuesday mornings at Cove Bay. There is no membership fee for participation.

Cornet explained that the chosen time to unveil the outdoor art market coincided with the tourism high season and also came on time for Valentine’s Day. The art tent will be present at the market every Wednesday for the next two months. Afterwards, the art sales will take place only once a month, said Cornet.

The experimental art sale started as a response to the artists’ desire to sell their artwork outside the gallery. Most paintings on outdoor display are smaller than those on view in the art gallery. The art sale hosts more experimental work developed during the painting sessions, which are more than just artistic group laboratories of techniques and ideas. The meetings are combined with yoga sessions, swimming in the nearby protected pond at Cove Bay and socialising. The resident artists are joined by part-time residents from the United States and the Netherlands; such sessions often have more than 15 participants. “We often pick each other up for transportation and help each other in many ways. It is more than a social gathering or art work, it is really fun,” Ten Holt said.

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